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Re: [BKARTS] Always complaining

 Just this week I gave a lecture on electronic communication to students. The lecture finished with a brief section on 'netiquette'. One of the principles I advocate is to consider the bandwidth taken up by your message - that is what underpins my request (and Adrienne's) that people trim their messages. There are still those among us who have  slow dial-up connections,  or service providers who charge according to the amount we download. Telling those people to 'get over it' is not very considerate.   
Another of the principles I promote is to consider the community. That is, when we are part of an electronic community we should keep in mind who it is that makes up this community. As far as Signa's comments are concerned, it isn't just a matter of identifying the state that particular activities are in. The book arts list is an international community.  Generally I just assume that most of the things that are advertised are in the US so the question of what state is irrelevant to me -  but there are times when I think it would be nice if people acknowledged that there was a world beyond that boundary.
I also tell students that when we rely on words to communicate, we have two responsibilies. The first is to choose our words carefully; the second is to be slow to take offence. It is all just manners and common sense, really.
Sue W (in Oz)


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