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Re: [BKARTS] cleaning brushes

I understand the idea to use fungicide: have used nitrophenol, orthophenyphenol (Topane), thymolcrystals (easily solved in alchohol) and some others.
To day I do not use it. Paste can be stored in fridge for several weeks without any biocide. Also desinfication of paper is not necessary. Just keep relative humidity under 70 % and no fungies will grow or start growing in paper. I only remove the spores with a vacuumcleaner with hepafilter. Also hospitals have stop to use biocide, because of bacterium resistance.


--On 14. februar 2007 11:41 -0800 Dave Allen <allen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Jet,
I usually make up 2 cups at a time and I drop about 4-5 drops of 10%
tincture of thymol (I get my pharmacist to make it up for me) I also store
it in jars that have a cotton batten insert in the lid and I put a couple
of drops in there as well.

Jet Foncannon wrote:
> How much thymol you use, say, per 1/4dup of adhesive?  Does anyone on
> this list use nitrophenol as an antifungicide?

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