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[BKARTS] EABS exhibition at State Library of Victoria

My apologies to the list for my previous posting - I have tried to remove 
any formatting which may have interfered with the posting - hopefully this 
one will work properly.

How I entered there I cannot truly say
Collaborative works from the Australian National University Edition + 
Artist Book Studio

Exhibition on show 
16 March–17 June 2007
State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This free exhibition celebrates the arts of printmaking and the book with 
a stunning display of limited-edition prints and handmade artist books. 
>From folios of etchings and woodcuts to innovative books – folded and 
stitched, boxed and bound – these are among the finest examples of 
printmaking and the book arts in Australia. The works have resulted from 
creative collaborations between leading Australian artists, writers and 
printmakers at the groundbreaking Edition + Artist Book Studio at the 
Australian National University, where they experimented with materials and 
techniques and explored the relationship between word and image. This 
sumptuous display is bound to delight lovers of art, books and literature. 
The exhibition is complemented by an exciting program of events and 
activities, from tours and talks to an advanced printmaking workshop.

This exhibition is supported by Visions of Australia, an Australian 
Government Program supporting touring exhibitions by providing funding 
assistance for the development and touring of cultural material across 

PROGRAM OF EVENTS All events are held at the State Library of Victoria, 
except the print workshop on 19 and 20 March (at APW).

Words and images: Examining the artist book
Saturday 17 March, 10.30am–5pm
A day of free talks, forums and displays at the State Library, to 
celebrate the opening of How I entered there I cannot truly say. Bookings 
are essential for all sessions, as places are limited; call 03 8664 7016 
or email bookings@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Artist books from the Library’s collection
View a selection of unique and beautiful artist books from the State 
Library’s Rare Books collection.
10.30am–3pm  Queen’s Hall

Both a picture and a thousand words: Contemporary artist books
In this keynote address, Professor Sasha Grishin, art critic, author and 
Head of Art History at the Australian National University, explores the 
relationship between printmaking and the artist book in the work of 
Australian and international artists, including those featured in the 
11am–12noon  Queen’s Hall

The artist book as a collaborative medium
The artist book often involves artists working together with writers, 
printmakers, bookbinders and other artists. Hear an expert panel reveal 
the perils and rewards of creative collaboration. 
Panel: Robert Heather, Chair (Manager, Events & Exhibitions, State 
Library); Dianne Fogwell (exhibition curator, artist and master 
printmaker); Steven Tonkin (artist book specialist and Curator, The Arts 
Centre); Peter Lyssiotis (artist and creator of artist books), Gracia 
Haby, Louise Jennison (zine artists)
1.30–2.15pm  Queen’s Hall

Deluxe, letterpress, fine press and limited editions 
Handcrafted artist books, made with fine materials and using traditional 
printing and bookbinding processes, are highly desirable objects – and 
valuable collector’s items. Hear local artists and publishers discuss this 
niche area of book production. 
Panel: Des Cowley, Chair (Manager, Rare Printed Collections, State 
Library); Jenny Zimmer (art publisher, Macmillan and Lyrebird Press); 
George Matoulas (artist, bookbinder and publisher, Lexicon House); Carolyn 
Fraser (proprietor of artist-book specialist Idlewild Press)
2.30–3.15pm  Queen’s Hall

Afternoon tea and exhibition viewing
Enjoy afternoon refreshments and a special viewing of the exhibition with 
curator Dianne Fogwell.
3.30–5pm  Experimedia & Keith Murdoch Gallery

Other events

John Ryrie, printmaker
View a display of artist books, lithographs and woodblocks created by 
printmaker John Ryrie during his 2006 Creative Fellowship at the State 
Library and inspired by material from the Library’s Rare Books collection.
16 March–17 June, during Library hours
Cowen Gallery

Artist books: Objects of desire
Join curator and artist Dianne Fogwell as she discusses her work in a 
conversation with Des Cowley, manager of the Library’s Rare Printed 
Collections. Dianne was Lecturer-in-Charge at the ANU’s Edition + Artist 
Book Studio from 1996 to 2005. She is passionate about the expressive 
possibilities of the print medium and has frequently worked 
collaboratively to produce prints and artist books. 
Sunday 18 March, 4–5pm
Village Roadshow Theatrette (Entry 3, La Trobe Street)
Bookings: 03 8664 7016 or bookings@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Meet the curator (for SLV Foundation members)
Before the talk ‘Artist books: Objects of desire’ (opposite), State 
Library of Victoria Foundation members are invited to enjoy afternoon tea 
with Dianne Fogwell, curator of How I entered there I cannot truly say.
Sunday 18 March, 3.15–4pm
Conference Centre (Entry 3, La Trobe Street)
Bookings: 03 8664 7016
FREE (Foundation members only)

The transforming page: Advanced print workshop with Dianne Fogwell
In this two-day workshop, participants will explore possibilities for 
translating existing artworks into book form, exploring multiple layers of 
meaning and developing ideas organically and collaboratively. Techniques 
such as stencilling and multi-colour relief printing will be used. 
Includes a special curator’s tour of the exhibition at the State Library. 
(Limited to ten participants; suitable for those with printmaking 
Monday 19 & Tuesday 20 March, 10am–4pm both days
Australian Print Workshop, 210 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
Bookings: 03 9419 5466   Cost: $500 per person

Bound: Chris Wallace-Crabbe and Bruno Leti
Chris Wallace-Crabbe is a poet, essayist, critic and Emeritus Professor in 
the Australian Centre, University of Melbourne. Bruno Leti is a leading 
Australian artist who is fascinated by the process of book production and 
the connection between image and word. For a decade they have collaborated 
to create artist books combining Chris’s poetry with Bruno’s printed 
images. Hear them discuss their exquisite bound collaborations.
Wednesday 28 March, 2–3pm
Bookings: 03 8664 7016 or bookings@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Turning the pages: Artist books behind the scenes
Slip on a pair of white gloves and view artist books from the State 
Library’s collection with Rare Printed Collections Manager Des Cowley. The 
artist book is made to be read and handled rather than displayed on a 
wall. Experience the tactile pleasure of turning the pages of stunning and 
unusual editions, and learn how to access artist books in the Library’s 
collection. (Limited to 15 participants.)
Thursday 29 March, 6–7pm or Tuesday 8 May, 3–4pm
Meet in front foyer
Bookings: 03 8664 7016 or bookings@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Inside the exhibition with Dianne Fogwell
Enjoy a lively and entertaining tour of the exhibition with curator and 
artist Dianne Fogwell, former Lecturer-in-Charge of the Edition + Artist 
Book Studio.
Monday 2 April, 6–7pm
Keith Murdoch Gallery
Bookings: 03 8664 7016 or bookings@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Beyond the page: Artists’ zines and the spoken word
A forum featuring spoken-word performer Sean Whelan; Luke Sinclair from 
Sticky (an outlet for zines and artist books); Jessica Tuckerman from 
skill-sharing group City Library Street Press; and Steve Grimwade and Lisa 
Greenaway from Going Down Swinging, a journal featuring fiction, poetry, 
comics and spoken word (on CD).
Thursday 12 April, 6–8pm
Bookings: 03 8664 7016 or bookings@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  FREE

A wealth of inspiration: Artists and the Library’s collection
The State Library of Victoria’s collection is a unique resource and source 
of inspiration for artists and designers, with over 200,000 digital images 
and a wealth of other visual material, including paintings, photographs, 
prints and posters, postcards and artist books. Hear from artists who have 
found inspiration in the collection, and Library staff who can help with 
access, copyright and reproduction.
Thursday 26 April, 6.30–8.30pm
Bookings: 03 8664 7555 or learning@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  FREE

Artist books revealed
Join artist, publisher and bookbinder George Matoulas for a fascinating 
show-and-tell featuring artist books from the Library’s collection. George 
will display works such as Quattro Pagine (Angela Cavalieri, 1999), Torn 
(Gali Weiss, 2005, binding and letterpress by George Matoulas) and His 
Wayward Hand (Peter Lyssiotis and George Matoulas, 2005). 
Thursday 10 May, 3–4pm
Bookings: 03 8664 7016 or bookings@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  FREE

Dissecting the boo
Artists Katherine Hattam, Nicholas Jones and Kylie Stillman are creators 
of ‘altered books’, an art form in which books are transformed into 
mixed-media art objects through interventions such as cutting, carving, 
tearing, folding, adding and removing. Discover the many enchanting ways 
in which they turn books into art.
Sunday 20 May, 3–4pm
Bookings: 03 8664 7016 or bookings@xxxxxxxxxx 

Programs for children

April school holiday activity: The story unfolds 
What is your personal stamp and what story does it tell about you? In this 
exciting two-day workshop led by exhibition curator and artist Dianne 
Fogwell, children aged 8–12 will make a linocut stamp, then create and 
print their own folded ‘star’ book. (Limited to 15 participants; includes 
afternoon tea only.
Monday 2 & Tuesday 3 April, 1–4pm both days
Meet in front foyer
Bookings: 03 8664 7555 
Cost: $40 per child

Activities for school groups
The exhibition How I entered there I cannot truly say offers teachers an 
opportunity to introduce students to the mediums of printmaking and artist 
books, and to explore the connections between visual arts and literature. 
In Terms 1 and 2, bookings are available for school groups for an 
exhibition tour for VCE students, and a book-making workshop for Years 5 
and 6. 
Bookings: 03 8664 7555 or learning@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

State Library of Victoria
Entry 1, 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Exhibition Open 10am–5pm daily
Free entry

For further information: slv.vic.gov.au/artistbook

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