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[BKARTS] Arabic Calligraphic Script and the Book Arts at CBA in New York

Greetings from the Center for Book Arts:
Please join us in March for special programming in conjunction with
Dafatir: Contemporary Iraqi Artist Books. 
On Friday, March 9th at 6:30pm we welcome Mohamed Zakariya, who will
give a lecture titled Arabic Calligraphic Script and the Book Arts. 
Zakariya began working with calligraphy in 1961. He took his first
lessons from the Egyptian artist Abdes-Selam Ali-Nour in 1964 while in
Morocco. Mr. Ali-Nour encouraged him to study the literature of the
art and to become a professional calligrapher.
In 1984, with the encouragement of Dr. Esin Atil, curator of Islamic
Art at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., Zakariya took
the first of many trips to Istanbul. With the direction of Dr.
Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, director of IRCICA, he began his lifelong study
with Hasan Celebi and the late Dr. Ali Alparslan. He has received
ijazas from both of them.
Zakariya makes most of his own materials and tools, such as knives,
burnishers, ink, and colors. He prepares his own ahar papers by dying,
coating, and burnishing them and makes his own ebru paper. Zakariya
also does his own illumination (tezhib) in his own style, making each
work entirely his own with no collaboration or partnership-except in
the calligraphy itself, which he hopes reflects the methods of his
teachers. Regarding his artistic concepts, Zakariya believes in
experimenting with light and color and form to embody both meaning and
objective. In this way, he hopes to demonstrate the dual ideas of
simplicity found in complexity and complexity found in simplicity. He
gives calligraphy lessons twice a month and presents demonstrations
and lectures around the United States on calligraphy, its literature,
its masters, and its techniques. The most recent exhibition of his
work was at the Bellevue Arts Museum in Bellevue, Washington, on view
from September 21, 2006, through February 17, 2007.
We will also hold a two-weekend workshop with Mohamed Zakariya, as
well as his long-term student Elinor Holland, for participants to gain
a hands-on introduction to Arabic script:
An Introduction to Arabic Script in Two Parts
The Arabic Script has been used as a vehicle for languages in the
broader Islamic world for centuries. Early Muslims developed
calligraphy to convey the Qur'an and other meaningful texts and this
tradition became the high art of Islamic culture. This art includes a
wide variety of styles and applications and is continued up to the
present time in its many permutations.  This workshop is essentially a
drop from an ocean; a glance at an art that could take lifetimes to
master. The Arabic alphabet will be introduced, as will traditional
tools and a simple alphabet in addition to slides and tales of the
great Ottoman master calligraphers.
Two weekends: March 3-4, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 4pm
Elinor Holland
                      March 10-11, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 4pm
Mohamed Zakariya                  $425 members /$450 non-members. 
ELINOR AISHAH HOLLAND is one of the few Americans to study Islamic
calligraphy in the traditional method of the Ottoman Hattat
(calligraphers). She is a student of Master Calligrapher Mohamed
Zakariya. Although she has not yet received her "ijazet", or diploma,
an achievement requiring many years of study, with the permission of
her teacher she has been offering programs introducing Islamic
calligraphy to adults and children across the US and Canada. Holland
also practices Roman script calligraphy. She likewise teaches and
accepts commissions in this art. She is a past board member of the New
York Society of Scribes and is an active member of the calligraphy
community in New York City. 
You can RSVP and register for the workshop by calling (212) 481-0295. 
I hope you can join us. 
Sarah Nicholls
Program Manager
The Center for Book Arts
28 W. 27th St. 3rd fl.
New York, NY 10001
(212) 481-0295

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