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[BKARTS] Artist Book News / participants comments

This is a continuation note about Artist Book News with participants comments, as I promised, and more info on why, if you are a professional book artist, you should be showing in the Artist Book News.

Artist Book News is the only way I know of to reach around 500 known book buyers world wide for less than 50c each. Here is what Ed Hutchins says:

"I always look forward to participating in Artist Book News for three reasons:
1) Collectors have frequently purchased my books after reading about them in Artist Book News. I have received orders from both private and institutional collectors.
2) I can't hope to personally visit all the collectors and libraries that receive Artist Book News. This publication allows me to reach a specific, dedicated, group of book lovers. It's an opportunity I can't afford to overlook.
3) All of the books that are presented in Artist Book News are of the highest quality and they are produced by the finest book artists currently working in the field. I am honored to have my books presented alongside these well-crafted publications."

Since selling artist books is my sole income, I have an invested interest to find everyone in the world who buy books. I continually update, expand and search for new names. I have been working on this database for over 8 years. A market savvy artist will see this is key to getting exposure. Book Artist Karen Hamner Says:

" I am ... assuming there are places on your list that are not on mine, that's why I've been doing the newsletter -- I can't send my mailing to places I do not know of."

Now to be quite honest, not everyone has had sales or queries from the news letter. But this does not mean you or your work was not been noticed. No one will buy a book they have not seen. So don't hide you art under the bushel. There's a scared mantra in the advertising world. "Repetition, Repetition, Repetition is the key to selling". I heard there were 4 different multi-million dollar ad spots for Coke during the super bowl! Advertisers spend that money for a reason. Repetition works. Mimi Schaer shared this experience with me:

"Years ago there was book show at a co-op gallery...I put work in. The show looked like shit. 3000 books and stuff, every thing jammed in all over the place and I said to myself, "ok, now I know, and I'll never do that again'. 2-3 years later. I got a call from a guy I didn't know, who was editing a publication's issue with an artist book theme, they put in a beautiful full page of my work. At the last minute, I said 'btw, where did you see my work?' It was at the co-op show! So you never know."

Jan Kellet had this to say:
"Nothing definite I can point to, but I did have a good sale from a perviously unknown library, it could have been from the Artist Book News. I think people are being a little short-sighted, if they can't see the value. Anything that raises the artist's profile has to be good news. "

By the way this is not just to showcase book artists in the US. I have had Canadians and would love to see artist from other countries show their work. While most of the mailings are in the US, there are a number to Canada, and other counties such as the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and Belgian. And I am working to add more world wide.

There are a lot of people who make artist books, but there are very few who make a living from artist books. It is work! But I believe the biggest challenge for creative, right brain people is the marketing of their work. The Artist Book News is an easy way to show the world your work. I only have 8 spaces left at this time. Email me today to reserve you space. More details are at http://www.mysticalplaces.com/ABnews.html

Looking forward to helping you promote your work,

Jill Timm  Mystical Places Press  Handcrafted artist books,  one of a kind and small editions,  miniature and not so miniature.  www.mysticalplaces.com  Publisher of Artist Book News 

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