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[BKARTS] Making paste in a microwave oven

Søren wrote:

Making paste in microwave. Sounds interesting. Have never tried it. How does you do it?

The recipe I use couldn't be easier. Mix 1/4 c wheat paste with 1/2 c. cold water to a smooth paste in an appropriate bowl (I use a 1 litre Pyrex one). Stir in 1/2 c. boiling water, stir a minute or so.

Microwave 2 minutes in 30-second intervals, stirring thoroughly after each cycle. This works great in my oven, which is 700 watts: depending on yours, you might need a bit more or less time.

If there are still some lumps, you can run it through a small strainer.

You can also double or quadruple the recipe if you're doing a big area in one go, but I find this amount perfect for most uses -- I barely used a quarter of it yesterday when I was gluing up an edition of six small books.

The best thing is that this paste isn't going to kill you, so you don't need to devote a specific set of bowls/spoons/microwave to create it -- valuable for those of us who work in small spaces at home.

With a recipe this simple, I second Lee's comment about making fresh paste every time.


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