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[BKARTS] Abuse of this listserv by members

Fellow Book Artists,

I receive the messages on this listserv as a digest. That is all, the messages for each day come in one email each day. I subscribed to the digest because I am in business and I regulary receive a couple of hundred emails everyday. I need to separate the book-arts emails from the business emails.

Many of you hit the reply button when you want to post a message. This means that previous messages are repeated over and over again and again and then again. It is extremely difficult to figure out what new messages are on the list when we are forced to read old messages ad nauseum to get to anything that is new. We've been told by some list members that they are having to pay extra to get all these repeats. The subject lines become meaningless when this mindless "reply" is executed. An example of a meaningless subject line is this subject line:<< BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 12 Feb 2007 to 13 Feb 2007 (#2007-44).>> God knows what is in this message. I don't.

Many of us have begged you to stop hitting the reply and have given specific instructions on how to avoid the problems you are causing. What can be done? I am asking the listserv owner here if the parameters can be changed somehow so that individuals can no longer abuse the list in this manner. Is there any hope for relief from this abuse?


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