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Re: [BKARTS] Abuse of this listserv by members

Let the listowner speak to this. My options are severely limited to three things.

1. Abolish the digest format - everyone gets every posting which may help alleviate the nonsensical digest subject line and help make clear what is being replied to. On the downside, people will get many more message. This is VERY easy for me to do.

2. Filter all messages and let those that do not meet "standards" expire (as I don't have the time to send them back to everyone telling them why their message is not being posted. This option also means that I have to wade through all spam sent to the list, increasing my email at least 10-fold.

3. Ruthlessly take corrective action against each and every offender for any violation (for efficiencies sake, I would make up reasons to bump folks). Corrective action would entail removal from the list and in the end no one would be left, including the listowner because even he makes mistakes. For any number of reasons this is the least attractive option.

Honestly, other than reminding folks until I'm blue in the face there is little I can practically do.

So, please use common sense when replying or even posting a new message and be mindful of your 2000 other friends and colleagues.

Think about it.


Many of us have begged you to stop hitting the reply and have given specific instructions on how to avoid the problems you are causing. What can be done? I am asking the listserv owner here if the parameters can be changed somehow so that individuals can no longer abuse the list in this manner. Is there any hope for relief from this abuse?



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Bookbinder & Conservator, PA - AIC
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