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Re: [BKARTS] Abuse of this listserv by members

I am in business too and get lots of emails - I deal with lists by getting
individual messages rather than the digest, set up a folder for each list,
and use filters to send them to folders as they come in. Keeps them out of
my inbox and I can deal with them when convenient. I also sort them by topic
and can just delete a whole group of messages if the topic does not interest

I like this way better than having to wade through digests to find the new


> Fellow Book Artists,
> I receive the messages on this listserv as a digest. That is
> all, the 
> messages for each day come in one email each day. I
> subscribed to the digest 
> because I am in business and I regulary receive a couple of
> hundred emails 
> everyday. I need to separate the book-arts emails from the
> business emails.

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