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Re: [BKARTS] photo album manuals?

Daniel Winston wrote:
Can someone please recommend other

I'm relying on my memory for this one, but I believe,
"Books, Boxes, and Portfolios" By: Franz Zeier has a
section on photo album structure. Also, I second the idea to use InterLibrary Loan. There's an ILL
just waiting to help you.

I hope you have an early spring.

Daniel Winston

Indeed Books, Boxes, and Portfolios is terrific, in a class by itself.

Another odd place to look is books on binding from between the wars
bookbinding was put forward as an occupation for disabled men and the books included many 'non'book applications
like desk blotters, albums, stationary books, portfios etc...
Bookbinding for Beginners Florence O Bean (1924) is such a book.
there are probably some post WWII gov't books too but i haven't looked.

and somehow this image of a guard book always stuck in my head as being a nice all purpose design

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