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Re: [BKARTS] Proper storage of/enclosures for vellum-covered books

Carrie Phillips asked:

>>> Can anyone suggest good sources of information and best practices
creating enclosures for books with vellum covers?

The best solution I know -- and I am not sure it is in the literature
but was invented a good many years ago (Paul Banks at the Newberry?) --
is a dropspine box which has an additional board attached as a flap from
the foreedge of the lower (smaller) of the two trays.  I don't know just
how to illustrate this, but if you open a standard two-tray dropspine
box, trim a piece of board or even paper to the size of the interior of
the lower tray, and imagine how it might "operate" if the outer edge of
the flap were fixed to the outer edge of the tray, you'll have the idea.

The point of the extra board is that as an enclosed vellum-bound book
(or any other object) is inclined to contract and curl, it creates
pressure along the line where the added board is adhered to the edge of
the tray.  That pressure is, in turn, transmitted to the edge of the
board that lays adjacent to the spine of the box.  When the box is
closed, the more pressure applied at the foreedge to force the box open,
the more force transmitted to the spine -- to keep the box closed. 'Tis
a simple but elegant equilibrium machine! 

Cordially ----- Sid Huttner, The University of Iowa Libraries

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