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Re: [BKARTS] Proper storage of/enclosures for vellum-covered books

Sorry to harp on this posting, but in the course of several
interruptions, I missed one important piece of Bill Minter's advice.

One way to think about the suggested dropspine box design for a vellum
binding is to reverse the way the book is placed in the box -- that is,
to build the box around a book that will rest in it with the spine
placed at the foreedge of the small tray (rather than spine-of-book at
spine-of-tray). This means that you can jettison the flap because the
upward pressure at the spine "locks" the top tray against the smaller,
bottom tray.

A potential problem then, however, comes from how readers or staff may
or do use the enclosures.  If they insert the book in the enclosure in
the "usual" way (with spine-of-book against "back"-of-box), then in
trying to close the box they may damage the hinge(s)(joints}.

Tradeoffs, always tradeoffs!

Again cordially,  Sid Huttner, The University of Iowa Libraries

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