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[BKARTS] Yahoo Groups

I would not like you to switch to Yahoo Groups either, even though I am no  
fan of scrolling through long digests. I'm on a number of Yahoo Groups and I  
have not seen the features Margie talked about. I wonder if the new format she  
talks about is not on all yahoo groups. I do know that Yahoo Groups does not 
let  you reply to a message without changing the address now. The return 
address  on the mail you get from the list is not the same as the address you need  
to reply to. I regularly forget this and get my replies back from Mailer  
Deamond. I also know that some yahoo groups, but not all, get blocked  
mysteriously. For some reason, AOL has decided to block our neighborhood e list  which 
is on Yahoo Groups. The list never includes spam, as it is scrupulously  
monitored, and the list moderators have contacted AOL over and over, but the  list 
still gets blocked. 
Finally, I've noticed that Yahoo Groups are vulnerable to spammers. People  
join lists and send spam, and the list moderators then have to knock them off  
the list. This is why Yahoo Groups often ask people to write their reasons  
for joining the group and wait for approval from the group moderator. If I  
understand it correctly, on the Book List at present people just send a message  
to the server to join, and you do not have to spend time reviewing them. I've  
never gotten any spam on this list. 
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