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[BKARTS] Apprenticeships with Patrice Baldwin

Hello, my friends. After being a gypsy for three years, I've padlocked my leg to the desk and nailed my feet to the floor. After China, Austin and Tucson, I'm moving into a new house/studio and will be opening the apprenticeship program once more on April 15th. I have a great two story guest house for apprentices to live in while working with me here in Tucson. To review the apprenticeship terms, cut to my website: http://www.mindspring.com/~patbooks/appren.html

For a change, I've been working on a BIG book, but will soon be back with the miniatures. I have two printed and ready for binding the editions, so there'll be plenty for an apprentice to do. I'll be teaching workshops as well. There is an active
book community of over 100 here in Tucson called PaperWorks. They have programs, workshops, salons, exhibitions and projects for all their members to jump into. A great group.

I hope to hear from some energetic book makers who want to learn 1,001 book structures and all the details of running a small bindery like I have for 20 years. Check my website to see my latest books: http://www.mindspring.com/~patbooks

Cheers y'all, glad to be back,

Patrice Baldwin

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