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[BKARTS] Listserv abuse

Though this subject seems a bit off topic to the list I'm compelled to say
thanks for this discussion.  I've just spent the majority of several hours
cleaning hyperlinks from my website believing that is the root cause of my
problems with email.  I'm managing several email addresses for different
enterprises and my ability to function is seriously be impacted by my recent
experience with blocked emails.  I'm slowly coming under the impression that
my various email identities have been captured and are being used by
spammers.  Duh!  I was believing the culprit was within my own website,
however now I'm realizing that my participation  in list serves  primarily
as a DIGEST ONLY lurker (16 at last count) through yahoo.

If this is too cumbersome a topic for this list does anyone have some
advice?  I'd be happy to take info off list.  Yes I'm removing myself from
most of the yahoo groups but the damage has been done.

For those who are interested I did a fair bit of looking for a simple to use
email hyperlink scrambler to add to the code in my website.  I found I was
out of my league and determined to pick away at the problems I replaced all
email hyperlinks in my website with the following text for my visitors.

"Copy and Paste my email address into your email program.  Due to web
crawlers that collect and abuse my email address I have had to inconvenience
you by removing the hyperlinks to my email address."

Mary Taylor

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