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Re: [BKARTS] Making cloth booklet covers

Kathy said,
I have heard that there are transfer papers for inkjet printers where
you print on the paper and then iron it on to the fabric. Would
bookcloth be a good cover for this? The booklets will be subject to
much use - stuffed into pockets and such, so we don't want the fabric
to fray.

Hi Kathy,

The solution I would go for is one I was taught, and is also informed by my
printmaking experience.

I have used the t-shirt transfers to great success in the print studio and
highly recommend them - esp. for their ability to take fairly rigorous
treatment and their compatibility with other print processes. They can also
be overlayed over each other, cut out and collaged, masked off when
transferring etc. When used in a printerly fashion, they can be quite fun
and create impressive effects.

I would start with a calico or low weight canvas - or any natural fibre
material really, depending on the look you want - and pasting it to a Kozo
or mulberry paper ('backing'). I would then transfer the printed image on to
the material and use the result like I would any bookcloth. You can even
transfer the image on when the book is covered and dry,
but - I have been getting the copy shop that prints my images to use their
heat press to transfer the image, [as they have their equipment set to the
optimum and the results are cleaner, more consistent and longer lasting].
They charge me about $2.00 AUS for each pressing. Cheaper if it's straight
forward, more if it's trickier - such as having to place things with
reasonable accuracy - and demands more of their time, but still nominal.
Another option may be having the image printed directly on to your fabric
and still using the kozo 'backing'.
I have used a variety of fabrics (printed, dyed, embroided etc..) in this
way and created quite successful covers - but always test, test, test.

I'ld be interested to know how others would go about it myself.


Andrew Williams
Pickafight Books
Stanmore NSW Australia

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