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[BKARTS] Embattled Book Arts

"Embattled Book Arts" is the title of an article by Karen Edwards that is in the March/April issue of Fine Books & Collections magazine (pp. 52-55). It features four college presses, Robert Tauber at Ohio State's Logan Elm Press, John Risseeuw at Arizona State's Pyracantha Press, Michael Peich at the Aralia Press of West Chester U., and the Silver Buckle Press at U. Wisconsin, Madison, directed by Tracy Honn.

This issue also has an article by Scott Brown titled "It's About Art: A New Book Explores Publishers' Bindings" (pp. 12-13). This is about my publication of American Decorated Publishers' Bindings 1872-1929.

It's great to see a magazine that covers the diverse aspects of book art as well as the antiquarian trade--the cover story is the 50 Top Book Auction Sales of 2006.

The current issue is not yet up on their website http://finebooksmagazine.com/ but should be in bookstores.

If you haven't yet seen the cover of the Deluxe edition of the Publishers' Bindings book, there's a photo at http://minsky.com/orderform-subscription1.htm

An interesting feature of this binding is the CD-ROM mounted in the back cover. Unlike my original CD-in-a-cover design from the 90's, which has been much copied, this one embeds the CD in the back cover, not in a wrapped die-cut board that replaces the back pastedown.

To do this required a new form of board attachment, with the back cover of the case being a split board and the front cover a traditional casing-in. The back cover is attached first, before the turn-ins of the cloth are done. The cloth is then turned in as with a leather binding, and then the front cover is attached.

This week I photographed the entire procedure for the 3-edge hardbound Yapp case binding that I will be teaching this coming Saturday at the University of Iowa. The students in that workshop receive the step-by-step illustrated instructions in advance. When the workshop is done and I see what tweaking is needed, I plan to produce a short instructional pamphlet.This will be issued as a PDF low-cost file through my shopping cart, and for a somewhat higher cost as an archival (MAM-A Gold Archive) CD-ROM.

If you haven't seen one of these 3-edge Yappers, there are pix at http://minsky.com/st-francis.htm

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