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[BKARTS] Cloth Book Covers

I think you mentioned that if you could use Tyvek, and would like to but thought it would be too expensive. I bought some ink jet printable Tyvek from Digital Art Supplies (www.digitalartsupplies.com) and have had good luck with it. I was able to color it by rubbing in acrylic ink which brings out the texture of the Tyvek and then print on it with my Epson C88 -- which has the DuraBright inks. One warning: feed it one page at a time with regular paper behind it. I got one sheet jammed in my printer. It was easy enough to get out without damaging the printer, but I only had so many sheets that had matched color. I got the best result setting my printer for regular paper. Telling it to print for photo paper got too much ink on. I was doing text only; I haven't tried printing photos yet.
About the cost: Digital Art Supplies generally sell their papers in big expensive rolls, but they also sell what I think of as remnants in the Clearance section of their web site. I got a couple of rolls of Tyvek that were 8.5 inches wide, which made it affordable for me doing small projects. It is worthwhile to call them to see what they have, even if you are ordering from the web site as it is not always up to date on the Clearance items. They were very helpful when I talked to them. I suppose another thing you could try is to get Tyvek scraps from a helpful builder, and if you can't print directly on it, try using inkAid on it. Also, you might see if there are any sign printers in your town who have useful remnants.

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