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[BKARTS] Convivio Book of Days for March

Book Arts & Letterpress Lists:

It's the First of March, and the Welsh are celebrating St. David's Day with leeks and daffodils. Find out about other auspicious dates in the March edition of the ongoing Convivio Book of Days, now posted to our website:


From there, click on the Book of Days link, and there you go.

Our focus this month is on the humble fish (Pisces, Lent) and while we're at it, we call your attention to our letterpress printed limited edition book, "A Whole Nother Kettle of Fish," which is a collection of fish tales gathered from another famous Book of Days, the printed and bound one issued by the Chambers Bros of Edinburgh in 1869. You'll find a link for the book on the March page, as well.

Enjoy your days!

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