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[BKARTS] inkjet paper for catlaog

Hi Susan.

Quickly, before a 4 hour drive into a snowstorm this morning, I am going to suggest you use Mohawk Superfine text, white (which is kinda off white) or warm white (kinda creamy).

Eggshell finish for its tactile quality.

This paper is NOT coated, but the image quality is not too bad if you control your printer settings and do not do a side by side comparison with coated, and your photos are large.

For use in a catalog that hopefully people will look at repeatedly, this paper FEELS like paper, and the pages will turn and drape nicely. It will fold without cracking.

It will be infinitely cheaper than inkjet paper, you will probably get big sheets and cut them down to whatever size you want, in case a slightly different size or proportion for your catalog might work better in the hand.

If you email me a file I'll print it for you on my 4000 and you can see if the image quality is acceptable.

Best wishes, and good luck with your project.


Karen Hanmer


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