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Re: [BKARTS] Watercolour Monotypes

I'm trying to think of enough watercolor monotype material to fill up a book and can't fathom a book of considerable size. It's pretty simple:

I am aware of two methods that use plain old watercolor from the tube:

The first uses a grained plexi called P-95 (pattern 95) as a substrate. Bevel the edges as if for copper plate and buff down a layer of gum as in litho. Apply the watercolor, though not in a glazing manner. It will dry and you can print on dampened etching paper, on an etching press.  You can layer with multiple plates. The advantage to working from the plate is that you aren't committed to the imagery. It wipes off easily with a wet cloth, cotton swab, etc. While the watercolor is still wet on the plate, It takes impressions from other surfaces, such as cut relief blocks. In other words, it's quite forgiving.

The other method (I haven't used this, but I have watched it in action) is to used mylar as a substrate. Mix the watercolor and add a couple of drops of liquid dish soap. This helps to keep the watercolor on the surface of the mylar. Printing is the same as above (note: the obvious difference is in substrate profile, the latter leaing much more embossment than the former). It seems to me that layering works better with the plate. A lightbox comes in handy when working on the plates. Registration is a snap as the matrices are transparent and can be laid on top of one another during the "drawing" stage to determine how well the imagery lines up.

Everything else is experimentation. I know some pigments in some brands don't work as well as others. It is a rewarding alternative to traditional watercolor and traditional monotype.

Good luck.

On 3/2/07, Linda M. Cunningham <lindac@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'd love to learn the process of doing these but have been
unsuccessful in finding a class that fits into my schedule: could
someone recommend a website or book with the basics that I can play
around with on my own time?


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