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Re: [BKARTS] The look of messages

I am a digest person - I suspect that there are more than 'a few' of us.
I followed Peter's suggestion last week and sent a command to the
listserv system to set the digest to html version. If you aren't sure
how to do this, visit the listserv faq.

I use Microsoft outlook and really like the way the digests are now
coming. I get an email message with all of the posts listed. I can then
open each message individually and read it. It means there is only one
message in my in box, I can ignore messages that I know aren't going to
concern me (classes in the US for instance), and I don't have to scroll
through the masses of text that appears at the bottom of posts when
people don't snip.

I am not sure if it works as well for other mail readers, but if you use
Outlook I can recommend the change. Thanks for the advice Peter.

Sue W (in Wagga Wagga, Australia)

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