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Re: [BKARTS] how to sign photos

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While it may be the case that "no" photographers sign the mat, the only
professional art photographer with whom I am familiar, Sergio Santos
(Houston, TX), signs the mat, with a pencil.

**MANY of the "fine art" photos I handle are signed in the mat, usually with
date, and with title and limitation (pretty much like a fine art print).
Seems to vary which side which piece of information goes on. although more
often the artist's name is on the right. It's a big plus if the photographer
includes name, date, title on the back. Some (in the past at least) have
used a rubber stamp or label for that information.

**MANY of the commerical photos I handle are embossed or stamped or signed
in the negative so that the information appears on the print, often with
copyright notice, sometimes with title. (These are usually historical photos
but done by a commercial photographer - often real photo postcards are also
done this way.)

Can't say what is "right" or "wrong" - just what I have seen repeatedly. The
more information that is included, the better (from a seller's point of
view) and especially for photos of social, cultural, etc. significance.
Later generations want to know what, when, where. Not always possible to

Lee, trying to figure out new Cannon Rebel EOS digital SLR.....eek!

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