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Re: [BKARTS] More info about a nipping press

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> Does anyone have any information on this press? it's age? etc. Anyone
> know where I might see a complete matching decal?

The World's Columbian Exposition (1893) granted awards to outstanding
products (as did other World Expos).  To display the decal you speak of, the
manufacturer of your nipping press probably received an award. I'm sure that
the Chicago Historical Society must have lists of exhibitors and/or award

The book press would have been exhibited, most likely, in the Machinery
Hall, the main building of which was over 435,000 feet square. The Official
Guidebook that I have in hand indicates that there was a "display of
printing presses, which serve the practical purpose of printing the
composite Chicago morning papers, and local evening papers....There is also
a large exhibit of lithograph, job-printing and book-binding machines, of of
type-setting machines."

Those who won awards usually advertised proudly - you might also look
through an archive of printing-related magazines from that period to see if
you can find a book press ad from a manufacturer with a name that fits. Or
you might check with one of the printing museums around the country to see
if someone recognizes the name.


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