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[BKARTS] Refinishing a nipping press

>I once bought an old rusty press.   I took it to a local blacksmith who 
>sandblasted it and then painted it with spray automobile paint.  

Thsi is more or less what I'm doing - without the blacksmith.
Depending on the condition of the paint, oven cleaner, a wire brush in
a drill, sandpaper, or paint stripper work fine. If the paint is
particularly stubborn, then I resort to lye in a bucket in the
basement stone laundry tubs which removes rust too.

A quick clean-up with a wire brush after this, a rub-down with
methylated spirits and it's ready for painting. I use black high-gloss
automotive paint with a light rub-down with 4x0 steel wool about half
way through the painting process for an ultra smooth finish.

After having refinished several antique sewing machines this way, the
press should be a piece of cake in comparison.

See "Restoration Instructions" at http://www.treadles.ca/decals/

My only concern was whether the decal of any great significance or
worth replacing but considering the trouble involved, don't think I'll
bother. Might glue a photograph of it to the underside of the base
though for the interest of any future owners.

BTW, if you can't find a local blacksmith, a smaller
gravestone/monument business will do small sandblasting jobs too.


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