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Re: [BKARTS] problems with new digest

I'm pretty sure the non-opening links in the digest are happening to those of us who use Macmail. I'm on the same OS and Safari version that Jill is, but I'm using Macmail versus her AOL mail program. Must be some incompatability in Macmail. Anyone have further ideas? Does someone who's having the problem have a service contract such that they could call Apple and troubleshoot this?


On Mar 7, 2007, at 12:23 PM, Jill Timm wrote:

Hi All,

I am on the digest (love just one email a day), I am also on a Mac (1.3.9) and use Safari (1.3.2). the new html digest, which is a giant improvement over the non html version, thank you Peter.
Here is what I see:
First is a table of contents with each topic and number of postings on that topic, then comes a table of contents that repeats the TOC but has each posting listed. Then comes the entire digest. Clicking on any topic in the first TOC will bring up the entire digest in the browser window, as opposed to the mail window, a bit redundant. Clicking on any posting listed in the second TOC will bring up just that posting, useful if for replying to that posting, then you don't have to remember to remove all the other postings.

The one little thing that bugs my need for order and consistency (but I can live with it) is the fact that all the messages are in different fonts and sizes, I presume this form of digests keeps the format of what the mail is written in. Also note that all I did was make the change via the listserv, I did nothing to my browser or mail program (AOL).

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