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[BKARTS] "Leather"??

Hello, Listmembers! I'm delving into the world of
leatherworking, not exactly because I want to but
because others keep asking for it. I have a
photographer client who wants large albums made for
heavy use with a leather-LIKE covering (will also have
underlay to mount an image on top of). I don't have
the skills yet to pare real leather and client won't
pay for it either. I had showed her some bonded
leather (oh, the screeching, I know!) that she liked.
NOW I'm re-thinking this as I can't seem to find a
sturdier cloth with the leather-like finish. Looking
through the Talas catalog, I found stuff that says
little or no paring required for these: Russell's
Oasis, Kano Goat, Morocco Grain. Then there was
"Bonded" of course, is it really terrible when it
wears?? and Sturdite, a shiny looking coated cloth.

Can anyone please enlighten me on the differences and
durabilities of these materials?? Or other
cost-effective materials for a hand binder??

Thank you so MUCH in advance!
-Carrie Valenzuela :)

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