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Re: [BKARTS] Fora and Image Hosting

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> Peter Verheyen
> There are free/inexpensive image storage sites such as Image Shack, and
> others that can be used. Then all you need to do is provide a link to the
> image there.

Also: most ISPs give you some MB of photo storage, and you can often buy
additional if needed, very inexpensively. There are sites like flickr and
photobucket that give some "free" with a small charge if you go over the
allowed amount. You can put up your own Yahoo site (image size is limited).
You can put up a wiki (pbwiki.com - is easy to use) that works like a
webpage. Again, a small added fee gives you additional functions. (I like
wikis -pretty much like having your own website, without a lot of the

Links are less hassle with so many email clients and programs and settings.
Many people are still on dial-up, and in some countries they still pay by
the minute for downloads. Other places, dial-up can time out if there are a
lot of images to download in a message. DSL is not terribly much better in
some places. We are blessed with cable and high-speed connections but I
still prefer links and I think courtesy demands it on an open forum.

two-cents-worth with change.
Lee Kirk
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