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[BKARTS] 150 page book project

My first post, and my apologies up front for my ignorance; but I hope this
forum can help me assess whether this Letterpress project is feasible or
even realistic. 

I would like to produce a fine Letterpress book of approximately 150 pages
(could be a bit longer, but probably not shorter), making polymer plates
from my layout files, using handmade paper, sewn, and leather bindings. I
would like a finished size of a least 5"x7.5".  That may not cover all the
variables I sense. My concern is will the cost price it out of reach of any
purchaser? I'm not even sure of the quantity to attempt given I don't have a
grasp of the all the costs to arrive a unit price. This is not really a
vanity project; I think I have the right content to attempt this  now as
opposed to the past, and I do have some expectation of a market, but as
someone told me recently, "price is everything." 

I have been a small press publisher for 20 years and have done quite a
number of offset produced books over that period. However, I'm a newbie when
it comes to Letterpress work and everything that has to be accounted for to
arrive at the unit cost of such an endeavor. Again, my apologies for asking
basic questions, but any help on getting a handle on estimating such a
project would be very much appreciated, as well as referrals for
information, or doing the work.

P.S. My thanks to Art Larson for suggesting I write this list.

Chris Coldwell
Dallas, Tx.

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