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dear colleagues,

I want to inform you of an exhibition that just recently opened in Chicago and that I co-curated:
Pass It On! Connecting Contemporary Do-It-Yourself Culture.

This exhibition focuses on the different aspects inherent in most successful Do-It-Yourself projects, be they of historical, political, or artistic relevance. Pass It On examines the remarkable breadth of DIY in today's culture and covers such diverse areas of activity as self-publishing, hacking, citizen journalism, podcasting, amateur science, architecture, product design, art activism, and independent film making. The show aims at leading visitors into active exploration of, and participation in, a variety of DIY projects that are exemplary and empowering, and will discuss work that readily gives up any claim of proprietary and finite authorship, and engages others particularly through the creation and distribution of visual or textual instruction sets.

There is a catalog available to accompany the show; it includes a custom-built, die-cut cardboard holder, select ephemera from the show, and a 126 megabyte jump drive that contains images of the installation, an annotated check list, essays by Carolyn Goldstein, Jon Cates/Jake Elliott, Bruce Tharp, Scott Smith, Lindsay Bosch, Shannon Stratton, Kevin Henry, and Terence Hannum. It can be ordered for $ 25.- (incl. shipping and handling) by emailing Jennifer Murray at jemurray@xxxxxxxxx

Visitors to Pass It On! will be lead into active exploration of artifacts that encapsulate the DIY aesthetic, and can participate in a variety of ongoing DIY projects throughout the gallery space.
More info can be found under http://www2.colum.edu/undergraduate/artanddesign/11th/current-03.html

In association with the physical installation and the catalog, this event further includes a web project, and a series of <http://www2.colum.edu/undergraduate/artanddesign/11th/DIY%20events.pdf>lectures and workshops within the gallery during March and April. Of special interest are a workshop by Brad Freeman (Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts/JAB) on March 31 on self-publishing books, zines and journals, and a bookmaking workshop by Susannah K. Strang (The School of the Art Institute of Chicago) on April 14.

Thanks for your attention.
Doro Boehme
AnneDorothee Boehme
Special Collections in the John M Flaxman Library, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
37 South Wabash Ave, 5th Floor
Chicago Il 60603 - 3103
aboehme@xxxxxxxx / ph: 312.899.5098 / fax: 312.899.1851
The Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection - a collection of experimental art forms from the 1960s to the present



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