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[BKARTS] Portable bookbinding equipment - request for advice

Dear list members --

As a student of bookbinding, I have learned a lot from reading the list.  Thanks to all of you who so freely share your knowledge and expertise.  So I'm hoping you can help me out with some product information.

I will be spending a month this summer in northern Michigan.  I would love to be able to do some bookbinding while I?m there, so  I was looking on the web for some portable equipment to take with me.  I found the ?Bindery in a Box?, the Jordan-Dehoff Student Press and the Timothy Moore Compact Lying Press with Tub and Plow.  Does anyone have any experience with any of these products, or information about others that I should consider?  I have brass-edged boards and could use some large lake stones to make do for a book press, but I?d like something for rounding and backing.  Also, I?ve never used a plow, but I?ve heard that it?s difficult to get satisfactory results...?

Any advice on these questions would really be appreciated! 

Many thanks!

gina wischmeyer

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