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[BKARTS] Upcoming courses at the Center for Book Arts

Greetings from the Center for Book Arts: 
Please join us this spring for another exciting series of workshops.
Registration is available online at www.centerforbookarts.org
<http://www.centerforbookarts.org/>  or over the phone at
NEW! Extreme Clamshell
Some of you may want to master this valuable box style, some of you
may have a collection of books to box and some of you may want to
issue an edition of prints. This week, devoted to the clamshell, is
for you. Basic box making skills will be covered in addition to
blocking out, labeling and hot stamping. 
March 26-30, Monday through Friday, 10 am to 4pm         Carolyn
Chadwick                      $475 members /$500 non-members
NEW! (An)other Coptic Binding
Coptic books are best known for their chains of exposed sewing across
the spine.  Coptic binders also bound single quire books sewn through
the spine, as in the Gnostic Manuscripts dating from the third/fourth
centuries AD and found, in 1945, buried in a jar near the Egyptian
village of Nag Hammadi.  Essentially a pamphlet tacketed to a limp
leather cover with a flap and wrapping bands - these simple books
emphasize material and structure and have many design possibilities
that speak to us today.  They adapt well to many different weights of
text papers, to many possible cover materials, and to sizes from
extra-small to extra-large. 
April 21-22, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 4pm
Susan Mills                   $245 members /$260 non-members
NEW! Natural Cordage - Making your own thread
Learn what natural fibers are, how they can be located, and how they
can be used to prepare thread and cord for bookbinding and other book
arts uses in this weekend workshop.  We will explore fibers from
plants such as: Flax, Jute, Dogbane, Yucca, Pineapple, Raffia, and
Basswood. Students will gain an overview of what fibers can be used,
and how they are processed. We will make samples from a selection of
fibers and bind a book of samples to take home. 
May 5-6, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 4pm                 Peter
Schell                  $245 members /$260 non-members
Paper Treatments
Formerly a weekend intensive, this course is being extended into a
week-long paper extravaganza. Students will learn about paper
composition and properties as they learn the following techniques for
treating or using paper: itajime (Japanese fold-and-dye), wax,
shellac, and other finishes for paper, Xerox transfers, embossing
without a press, paper-to-paper and paper-to-cloth laminating,
adhesives for paper, and more. The class will take a morning field
trip to learn more about the finishes and pigments used in the class,
and will make a small portfolio consisting of all their experiments
for their future reference. This class is for paper lovers of all
backgrounds and disciplines who love to experiment.
April 16-20                     Monday- Friday 10am-4pm
Laurel Parker                 $475 members /$500 non-members
Sarah Nicholls
Program Manager
The Center for Book Arts
28 W. 27th St. 3rd fl.
New York, NY 10001
(212) 481-0295

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