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[BKARTS] Hirschfeld books

I have to say, as someone who's a bit familiar with the story behind
this story, I find this infuriating. Over the past few years the German
Government has been throwing money around to acquire the private papers
of a number of German psychoanalysts and therapists who fled the Nazis.
Hirschfeld himself was a notable proponent of sexual freedom. It's a
laudable effort in itself, except that not infrequently this hoarding
has resulted in the works being unavailable to all but a few German
scholars: intellectual protectionism, if you will. 

In the real world of cultural exchange you take your responsibilities
seriously. When rare artifacts are being sent on loan you don't wrap
'em up and take 'em down to the postoffice. You have them sent by
bonded, insured private courrier, unless you simply have a curator
accompany them back and forth. 

If the Bundesbuch-boys and girls don't take their jobs any more
seriously then this I suspect a few of the aging, potential donors will
begin to think twice before turning over the family papers.

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