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[BKARTS] removing tape residue

Hello all,
I recently came across an 18th century document (parchment) in our
collection that someone applied double sided tape to to hold the mylar
in place. (Yikes!) I have managed to remove the mylar w/o damage to the
document, but the residue from the tape still remains. I searched the
Book Arts-L Archives and found the following three suggestions (below)
for removing tape adhesive. My question is would you suggest anyone of
these treatments for parchment or something totally different?
My second question is someone also used mounting/hinging tissue to try
to repair (very poorly) a very large tear in this document. I managed to
remove this also w/o any damage, but what would your suggestions be to
repair this tear?  I know that Japanese tissue paper and heat set tissue
can be used for repairing tears and mends on regular paper, but since
this is parchment is this still they way to go?
Thank you all in advance; I am still fairly new at this and greatly
appreciate any suggests anyone can offer.

Christine Ameduri, Assistant Archivist

Musselman Library, Special Collections

Gettysburg College

Gettysburg, PA 17325

p. 717-337-7006

f. 717-337-7001

You might try warming the tape up with a blow dryer and then gently
working it
off the paper.  The heat should help the adhesive release a bit.  This
will only
work if the tape is still a bit tacky.  I've had quite good success with
method.  If you end up skinning the paper, you're going too fast and not
the adhesive soften.  If in doubt, practice on masking tape stuck to a
type of paper.   Don't do anything with water or alcohol or any
Sometimes things are best left alone.  Good luck and let us know how it
out.  (I should add that I'm not a conservator so any advice I give
should be
taken with a grain of salt.)
Carole Mathey
You could try, VERY GENTLY to scrape if off the back with a scalpel. You
don't want to slice it off, but just carefully scrape, avoiding scraping
off the paper surface. While this will not remove residue which is
to have penetrated into the paper, it will get rid of the excess. If
unsure, leave it alone, or if you can afford, contact a paper
Don't try anything with water or solvents. It could very quickly get out


Peter D. Verheyen


Once you get the tape off, is the residue left behind still sticky?
had success removing still sticky adhesive by using both a gummy eraser
a white (sulfur free) eraser.  Staedler Mars makes both.  Use the gummy
eraser first, then the white, and repeat as needed.  They will combine
"roll" the adhesive off the paper.
Dolly Blunt
Paper conservator, Florida State Archives




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