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Re: [BKARTS] deacidification of color newsprint

On Mar 26, 2007, at 10:50 AM, Teri L Herbert wrote:

What is the best way to deacidify a 2004 newspaper with a color photo in the article? Is a magnesium-based
deacidifying solution safer than a calcium-based one? Have there been any studies on long-term color retention in deacidified newsprint? Have newspaper inks changed since 2000? Do different newspaper companies use different inks?

Lots of questions and I would love to start a discussion on this challenge.

Deacidification is certainly a topic that needs further discussion. Even though I have been treating paper for a number of decades, I still have questions.
Anyway, one experience that should be noted is that newspaper inks have a tendency to move. They will not necessarily bleed, as we usually see with other inks. However, newsprint inks tend to 'strike-thru' the paper. Therefore, I would avoid any use of water in the process.
While there are solutions that are non-aqueous, one should always be aware that some solutions contain alcohols and other solvents that could cause the inks to bleed -- knowing that an ink could bleed causes one to test and treat accordingly.
There seems to be only one solution that can be considered safe, and that is Bookkeeper. With Bookkeeper, magnesium oxide particles are suspended in a carrier that has been thoroughly tested against all known library and archive materials. Since it does not affect any known materials or inks, it would seem to be the best for your item.
In fact, I have heard that Bookkeeper was tested extensively before it was used on a major comic book collection --- paper and ink that are very similar to your item.

Bill Minter

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