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Re: [BKARTS] Map Conservation

Hi Jane,

Here is my answers:

1.       Is it current practice to remove old fabric backings from maps
(even if the backing is in good shape and firmly bound to the paper)?
If so, is total immersion in successive baths of water the recommended
technique to loosen the backing?

We remove the old backing if the map need restoration, otherwise we let it be.
On solid map it is often posible to remove the fabric in dry condition.
Or we soak the map in water and remove it on the suctiontable.

2. If we remove the backing, do we re-back with fabric (per
instructions circa 1955 from the Library of Congress)?

No, we reback it with japanespaper Kozu (35 grms pr qmtr) for thin paper and
Bonku Shi (70 gms pr qmtrer) for solid paper.
We use 100 grms wheat starch in1 ltr cooking water and
mix it with 20 grms methylcellulose to 1 ltr cold water with 10 grms Calciumcarbonate (use a food mixer).

3.       If one doesn't remove the backing, but must mend tears in the
totality of the object, does one proceed with Japanese tissue and wheat
paste/methyl cellulose applied to the fabric backing?

We have not tried it, but it seeems to be okay to do, if you would like to do only what is necessary.

With kind regards


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