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Re: [BKARTS] Australia

I've been happily using pva glue for some time in making hardcover books,
but am currently trying to make a soft-cover book from handmade paper with a
label attached. My question is this: can any of you recommend an adhesive
that won't cause paper to warp when you glue another piece of paper to it?

Here's what I've tried so far:  my usual pva glue --wouldn't work, as it has
too much water in it. I tried a gluestick, but the paper wouldn't stay stuck
together. The woman at the local craft store recommended using a spray-on
adhesive, but it is very toxic and I really want to use environmentally
friendly products if I can. Are there any good, reasonably inexpensive
adhesives/techniques you can recommend that will give me a nice, flat,
firmly adhered piece of paper?


Barbara Simler
Moon Bindery
Kamloops, BC Canada

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