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Re: [BKARTS] glue

>>>I've been happily using pva glue for some time in making hardcover
but am currently trying to make a soft-cover book from handmade paper
with a
label attached. My question is this: can any of you recommend an
that won't cause paper to warp when you glue another piece of paper to

Hi Barbara,
When you say the paper is warping, what do you mean? 
Because there could be a couple of issues, the first is too much water,
but it could also mean that your adhesive is too strong and when it
dries it is pulling the paper out of shape. 
If it is simply that the PVA is too 'wet' there are a couple solutions,
brush on the PVA and simply wait a bit so the moisture partially absorbs
into the labels and partially evaporates then apply it. Or wheat starch
paste would work fine, just make a dry batch - say 1 part starch to 4
parts water - then brush it very thinly onto the label, giving the label
a little time to absorb some of the water, then lay it onto the cover
and gently but firmly burnish it down, I usually use my bent finger.  
If the glue is too strong and is pulling the paper as it dries you need
to make a much weaker glue or paste. I would try making a very thin
paste, mix up 1:12 then thin it as you sieve until it is the thickness
of cream or less then brush it on the label with blotter underneath to
absorb water. 

Lee Churchill

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