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Re: [BKARTS] glue

You are likely to be safe in assuming that handmade paper doesn't have a
grain. But, as I say to my children probably way too often, you know what
"assume" does: it makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me". I've come across
handmade paper that had a grain to it. Usually it's not as pronounced as
the grain in mould-made or machine-made paper. I guess it depends on the
papermaker's working methods. Grain is easy to check, and usually worth
the trouble.

I like Don Rash's second method a lot, especially if your problem is too
much moisture. If your substrate can't take ironing, or if the surface may
be too rough for a good ironing you could combine his second and third
methods by sizing the side of the paper that will be adhered with thinned
PVA, allowing it to dry on its own, ironing it flat (if it curled too
much)using a Teflon sheet to protect your ironing surface, and then
adhering it the label to the substrate with more PVA.


Beth Lee
Tallahasee, Florida

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Your responses have been really interesting and helpful. When I make
hardbound books, I'm always careful to make sure the grain of the paper
binder's board are parallel to the spine, but my understanding (and
me if I'm wrong) is that handmade paper doesn't have a grain that runs in
one particular direction. So when I glue a label (made from machine-made
paper) to a piece of handmade paper that I'm using as a cover for a stab
bound book, I make sure that the grain of the label paper runs
perpendicular, but I don't worry about the grain of the handmade paper.

 I'd assumed that the warping problem I'm having is due to moisture in the
glue, but are there also "grain issues" involved in adhering machine made
paper to handmade paper that I should be thinking about?


Barbara Simler
Moon Bindery
Kamloops, BC

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