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Re: [BKARTS] Glue


I am finding this glue discussion really helpful. I have a glue question
of my own to ask:

I have been experimenting with adding wheat paste to PVA for my books. I like the
extended open time of the wheat paste. But, I have run into things not adhering
as well quite as well when I add the wheat paste, something I never have had a problem with when using PVA alone.
This has happened when gluing tyvek to paper and also to book cloth. I have been combining
wheat paste to PVA in proportions of about 1:3.

Any advice on this most welcome.

Also interested in other's experiences painting/coloring/staining, etc. on tyvek.
Wondering about favorite media for applying color to tyvek, and what are the
pros and cons of different ways...

Andie Thrams

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