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[BKARTS] materials Polaroid Book day one

Materials for Polaroid Transfer Artist Book day one


From B&H :
30 prints each student Polaroid film 3 1/4 x 4 1/4? pack film, Polacolor ER 669 -
B&H product # P0669Q $8.90 for a 10 shot pack
1 box of 100 slide mounts Pakon 35mm, B&H product #PAS100 - $8.95

From NY Central (order at same time as Paper Treatments paper?)
3	Mulberry paper 24 x 36
2	Arches hot press 90 lb, 22 x 30
2	Arches cold press 140 lb
1	Rives BFK grey 22x30
1	Rives BFK chamois (buff) 22 x 30
1 	Magnani Pecia rough
1 	Magnani pearl blue
1	Arches cover cream/buff
2	Rives Lightweight
2	Rives Heavyweight cream
2	Arches Platine

one small bottle white vinegar 4 C batteries (check Vivitar printer)

Equipment and tools

the drying rack from the printshop (will be used for Paper treatments also)
Laurel?s Vivitar Slide printer
3 Daylab Slide printers from Polaroid
brayers from the print shop (soft, small, one each student if possible)
spray bottles
pans (ones used for marbelling), 2 big or several small
disposable latex gloves
small plexiglass plates from the printshop
paper towels
the roll of mylar from bindery (will only use a little bit)
squeegies (if you have any, if not blotters may be used)

Prep :
Paper torn down into 8th's of a page and labled, and students can then further tear or cut down to smaller size

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