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[BKARTS] Refilling inkjet cartridges?

My workhorse Canon i850 printer has bit the dust so went looking today
for a new printer. What a confusing mess! Seems that picture printing
has overtaken the personal printer product line. In addition, many
mfgrs. seem to think that the buyer can't exist without an attached
scanner, phone and fax machine.

The best feature of my dead printer was that the ink cartridges were
refillable with ease and speed. At just over $20 for a black ink
cartridge that lasts for approximately one 250 page book, refills are
a necessity. Some Lexmark cartridges, I've heard, are hopeless to
refill but not sure about any other makes.

Can anyone recommend a printer with easily refillable cartridges in
the max. $500 range, preferably without all the bells and whistles?

Helen in Hamilton, Ontario

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