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Well - sorry to see this thread dissipate as "old stuff" since I was
intrigued by it, and wasn't around for previous discussions. I have had a
few random thoughts...

When you attempt to create a definition you dig a hole and drop yourself
into it. The definition in itself contains enormous personal and cultural
bias. I rather prefer the approach, "I know it when I see it." That keeps it
personal both in perspective and interpretation.

To qualify a "book" as fitting the codex form (as one of the proffered
definitions did) is to completely overlook the historical and cultural
structures that books have taken, not to mention the materials that have
been employed in creating a record of events, history, commerce, law,
instruction, spiritual appeal, or whatever. (Wood, stone, hide, plant fiber,
clay, bone.....whatever medium the geographical area had to offer most

In my own view, one part of a book's function is to achieve some kind of
interaction or dialog between the creator (no matter how far removed from
the creation of the physical object) and some other person or persons. The
interaction can be through words or pictures, or through the thoughtful
structure of the "book" itself. Even if the book no longer relies on
standard codex structure and on conveying its message through words or
pictures - if it manages to deliver its message it works for me. Perhaps it
requires a deep affinity for books to be able to resonate to anything that
reflects the sense of "bookiness." I know it when I see it (and resonate to

Addressing the question of more sculptural forms perhaps we could add a new
term: "Artful Books."

I do rather like the idea of releasing the book from the constraints of
definition and allowing it to grow in whatever ways the artist is able to
take it. It is simply taking one art form (the book as content) and merging
it with another art form (visual) - much like setting poem to music. Why

Go for it. I'll know it when I see it.

Lee Kirk

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