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Re: [BKARTS] bookart

Perhaps a different way of phrasing the question would be: what makes a
"book" different from a "painting" or other form of "art"?  Someone, I
believe on this list, posted a photograph of a stack of blocks with pictures
on them, referring to it as a "book."  Are there any boundaries to the
concept of "book"?  If a block with a photograph on it is a "book," or
something that conveys a message is a "book" -- then what is *not* a book?
(From the other direction: how many of you walk into an art museum, full of
Giotto or Mondrian or Rodin or modernist sculpture, and say, "wow, look at
all these books" or, "what fine examples of book-art"?)

only semi-absurdly,

--Marguerite Radhakrishnan

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