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> Jennifer Vignone
>   I am afraid you miss my meaning.
> Even when there are no words, the images spring from thought, from a
> story line, and manifest as imagery that do not need the words to
> tell the sotry.

I'm sorry, Jennifer. I was having a bit of fun with your definition as you
stated it.
"Don't the words inspire the form and vice versa? For me the book / work is
most complete and successful when the aesthetic and written content mesh to
complete the whole."

 Of course I understand your position. Remember that in the beginning, I
said that definitions often fail because they are created with cultural or
personal bias. Hence, none of us can be "right" in this discussion, which is
what makes it interesting as a discussion.

> What I refer to in the comment is someone seeming to state that in
> the case of an exhibit of books, the words/written content were
> trumped/less important than the visual.

Again, that was the personal statement from someone who has collected 12,000
artists books. I understand his statement to mean that he is seduced by the
beauty of a book (as object) over the meaning (as content). Which is
legitimate for his personal bias, and I can certainly empathize.

I feel odd being on the "artful" side of this discussion, since I am a
bookseller (of traditional books) and an avid reader. Both my "wares" and my
reading are chosen on the basis of content, although from time to time I can
be seduced by a beautiful book because it is beautiful. I guess I put
artists books - and artful books - into a category of their own. The
"content" may well be expressed (to me) in the structure and materials and
their arrangement. Well done, such a structure does tell a story. Such a
structure can also "spring from thought, from a story line, and manifest as
imagery that do[es] not need the words to tell the story..." to quote from
your own statement.

-- In my opinion, from my own personal bias. ;-)


Lee Kirk
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