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Re: [BKARTS] Using text

Hi Alice

I am working on a book with several voices as well. I plan to vary the
text size, font, and color, so the reader learns immediately (visually)
who is talking.

Personally, I would feel free to break the technical rules of "...  It
may get tedious, and not look as nice.

Hope my6 opinion is helpful.

Maggie McNeely
Instruction and Public Services Librarian
Morton R. Godine Library
Massachusetts College or Art
(617) 879-7102

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Oh, Learned Ones,
 I'm developing a unique book based and inspired by a character in a
play and using portions of her dialog. The text is sequential, but
selective and incomplete. 

* How would I punctuate these quotes?
* Would pages have quotation marks at beginning and end of dialog

* Should there be "... (quotation mark, dot, dot, dot) at the start of
the each individual quote?

* How would I describe this use of portions of dialog/text in my


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