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Re: [BKARTS] bookart

I can't presume to speak for Peter, but I thought 'Blech!' was the sound
one makes when an idea makes one a little sick to the stomach? If so, I
feel exactly the same way! :) Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but walking
through a moving holograph just isn't my idea of a great way to start
the day, even if they do become the latest and greatest in book art in
some indefinite future. 

The University of Iowa has a Virtual Soldier Research unit on campus,
part of which consists of Virtual Reality labs, one of which is a room
where all four walls become screens for the virtual environment. Rumor
on tech street is that few people have the stomach to close the fourth
wall and be virtually surrounded. You can see more about the research
and facilities here: www.digital-humans.org/facilities.htm

I wonder how things will play out as younger generations grow up with
digital technologies--will screen reading be an issue for them as it is
for many of us? I may not be that much older than they are, but I was
raised on words and pictures that stayed put on the page, and generally
my stomach appreciates it when they continue to do so. Again rumor on
tech street is that there is a significant portion of the population to
whom holographic and virtual technologies are not accessible due to
motion sickness. I wonder if that will be different in younger
generations who are raised with increased exposure to new technologies?

Bit of a longer post than I intended, apologies.

Amy Hutchinson

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Hi Peter
What does Blech! mean?

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