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Re: [BKARTS] bookart

On 4/24/07, Margaret Fenney <fenneyml@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> semi-absurd

It has been said that the use of obscene words is an indication
of an inadequate vocabulary.  Similarly, I believe that the use
of personal attacks (as in derogatory comments about another's
intelligence or other personal characteristics)...

This one I can't let slide -- Michael should not be criticized for another's
misunderstanding of his reference to my term!   Perhaps I'm old-fashioned,
but I was operating on the assumption that everyone would recognize a
reference to the argument ad absurdum, which I was trying to assure people I
was not fully intending in my also semi-serious questioning if there was
anything that would not count as a "book".  I suppose I assumed too much!
Please let it be known that a common logical term is not obscene and not
insulting :)

--Marguerite Radhakrishnan

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