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Re: [BKARTS] bookart

> We have called artwork
> that makes a significant reference to women "feminist" art, and bookart is
> like feminist art in that it's tough to really say what it is, perhaps
> because it isn't defined by a technique or style. We also call art that
> makes a significant reference to landscapes landscape painting, that
> makes a significant reference to material actuality realism, that makes a
> significant reference to people, portraits.

I think that the examples you give are of words with a broad application
where "book" is much more specific.

> If all the artist is doing is making a book, then why
> not just call it a book? What's gained by calling it an artists' book? It
> might be a very pretty book, or a funny book, but the qualifying term
> "artists'" is just a freeloader or else it's publicity.

Why should something that does not "aspire to be" a book be called an
artists' book?  I should think, in that case, that the term "book" is just a
freeloader or publicity.

> I was echoing the phrase she used in her letter, which she signed, "only

I became aware of this when I read Marguerite's post.  I did not see the
"only semi-absurdly" at the end of her post and so I misunderstood your
reference.  I apologize for my reaction.  I do, however, still believe that
you have a very limited perspective if you can't see the difference between
letterpress works and hand-produced editions of photographic books vs.
commercially produced books, nor see the artistic value of handmade
bindings.  These are, most definitely, not "just books" nor "just bindings".


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