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[BKARTS] Center for Book Arts to Open in Second Life

With all the current hullabaloo here about whether a virtual book is a book, you might be interested to know that The Center for Book Arts is building The Book Art Museum in Second Life.

A rough 3D draft of the building is in place now at the Center for Book Arts Campus in Second Life:

The building will be shaped like a book, with raised bands on the spine that are balconies.

Other buildings on the parcel include book production studios where we will be conducting classes in SL book making (yes, you can make books in Second Life that look and act like codices, with pages that turn, etc.)..A THiNC Press and a NeoBook are already in one of the studios. These are book production devices, and we will be offering classes in how to use them.

You also can make accordion books, flag books, and just about any other kind of structure, including ones that are not possible on Terra. We intend to explore all the bookmaking possibilities in the Metaverse.

We also will be conducting distance learning programs of real-world bookmaking, book art history, and other courses, with guest lecturers, streaming audio and video.

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